Spring into summer with these great promotions!

Spring into summer with these great promotions!

As we’ve said before, the team at Kootenai River Inn is always working to find the best specials and casino promotions to give our players more chances to win each month. And because we’re so excited about the beautiful summer weather, we’ve got some great promotions coming up in May for those looking for casino gaming in North Idaho. 

First, the fund just keeps growing with the Super Progressive Jackpot. Each night, we’ll draw 15 lucky names — five per hour — on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, starting at 7:30 p.m. Players can spin the wheel for a chance to win the Super Progressive Jackpot, which started at $47,750 this month, and will just keep growing! If a player does not win, we’ll add $250 to the jackpot. 

We’ll also host jackpot drawings on May 23 and 30. 

Everyone present for our Daily Spins this month, or those who redeem 200 points for an entry, are eligible to win. There is a $100 Bonus Play as a consolidation prize. 

We’ll also host daily spins between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day this month. Five lucky names will be drawn every hour. If you’re name is drawn, spin the wheel for up to $500 in Bonus Play! 

But wait, we have even more! At the end of the month, we’ll have our Month-End Drawing. Everyone drawn and present during the May Daily Spins is eligible for the $2,500 cash drawing. 

The drawing takes place at 8 p.m. May 31. 

So whether you’re in town, looking to relax on vacation or spending some time with loved ones at our Spring Restaurantcome on in today to start winning big.